About Us

About us

Once upon a time, twenty-five years ago to be exact, we opened a coffee house/drive-thru in the beautiful, small town of Paradise, California. Yes, that is its name. Things were good; our kids grew up there (we all still work together), we made a lot of friends, and we were happy. From roasting our own coffee to baking our own bread and pastries, we have always strived to exceed our customer's expectations. We branched off into Nitro Coffee(Norcalnitro.com)five years ago and began selling it to cafés and grocery stores in the area. Like everything else we did, we kept everything in-house; roasting the coffee, brewing, cold steeping, and finally, canning/kegging.

Then, on November 8, 2018, disaster hit. Paradise, along with other surrounding communities were almost wiped off the map in the tragic Camp Fire. We gathered our two dogs and a garbage bag of clothes and luckily escaped unharmed—but like many others—we lost everything; our café, our roasting and canning facility, and our home. We came out beaten, but not out. It was time to buckle up and we reset in the neighboring town of Chico. We built a state-of-the-art roastery and proceeded to get to work. We started Rhapsody Coffee to provide retail and wholesale coffee for all of Northern California. We look forward to this next stage of our lives and new adventures it will bring.